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The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference (International edition)
Gladwell, Malcolm
Mass Market Paperbound: Very Good Condition $3.33
The Tipping Point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, Tips, and Spreads Like Wildfire. Just as a single sick person can start an epidemic of the flu, so too can a small but precisely targeted push cause a... [More...]

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The Philosophical Baby: What Children's Minds Tell Us about Truth, Love, and the Meaning of Life
Gopnik, Alison
Paperback: Very Good Condition $7.58
Gopnik, a leading psychologist and philosopher as well as a mother, explains the groundbreaking new psychological, neuroscientific, and philosophical developments in our understanding of very young children, transforming our understanding of how babies see... [More...]

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Barnga: A Simulation Game on Cultural Clashes - 25th Anniversary Edition
Thiagarajan, Sivasailam
Paperback: Very Good Condition $14.67
Enhanced by many revisions in text and style which provide greater clarity in the presentation of materials and instructions, this 25th Anniversary Edition of Thiagi's classic simulation game in book form is designed to explore factors related to... [More...]

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The Seasons of a Woman's Life: A Fascinating Exploration of the Events, Thoughts, and Life Experiences That All Women Share
Levinson, Daniel J.
Paperback: Very Good Condition $11.50
"A HIGHLY NUANCED PORTRAIT, in every shade of gray, of individual women negotiating the transitions of what Levinson calls early adulthood *ages 18 to 45."

*The New York Times Book Review

Nearly twenty years ago, esteemed... [More...]

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Aesthetics: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Art
Sheppard, Anne
Paperback: Very Good Condition $24.92
Why do people read novels, go to the theater, or listen to beautiful music? Do we seek out aesthetic experiences simply because we enjoy them—or is there another, deeper, reason we spend our leisure time viewing or experiencing works of art?... [More...]

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Erotic Anger
Pommier, Gerard
Paperback: Very Good Condition $12.75
Erotic Anger: A User's Manual is firmly grounded in the sexuality of real men and women. These are not tales told in the locker room, recounting a stirring bit of foreplay that led to a particularly satisfying sexual encounter. Nor are the case studies... [More...]

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Making a Good Brain Great: The Amen Clinic Program for Achieving and Sustaining Optimal Mental Performance
Amen, Daniel G.
Paperback: Very Good Condition $7.17
Daniel Amen, M.D., one of the world’s foremost authorities on the brain, has news for you: your brain is involved in everything you do—learn to care for it properly, and you will be smarter, healthier, and happier in as little as 15... [More...]

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Eating Disorders
Abraham, Suzanne
Paperback: Very Good Condition $11.50

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Down Range: To Iraq and Back
Cantrell, Bridget C.
Paperback: Very Good Condition $8.67

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Happiness Is a Choice: The Symptoms, Causes, and Cures of Depression
Minirth, Frank B.
Paperback: Very Good Condition $6.33