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Titanic: The Long Night
Hoh, Diane
Prebound: $27.95 [33,540₩]
This action-packed big summer read focuses on the lives of several teenage passengers aboard the ill-fated "Titanic."

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I'm Mighty!
McMullan, Kate
Library Binding: $34.94 [41,930₩]
When big ships get to the harbor, they need me! 'Cause I'm MIGHTY! And I can nudge, bump, butt, shove, ram, push, and pull 'em in.
You think this tug's too small to pull in ships twenty times his size? Think again! This guy is 100% MIGHTY!
Kate and... [More...]

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Theodore and the Whale
Serrat, Bernat
Paperback: 15% 할인! $27.95 $23.76 [28,510₩]
Theodore finds a baby whale in the Big Harbor—and is assigned to whale-sit! At first, he's upset, but the young whale turns out to be so much fun, that he doesn't really mind. When the whale's friends are found, Theodore realizes that The Big Harbor... [More...]

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On the Water
Bryant, Raymond
Board Books: $27.95 [33,540₩]
back cover
A delightful series for toddlers, "Funtime Rhymes boardbooks introduce kids to everyday vehicles and show what they do. On the Water presents five bright and cheerful illustrations of Tommy the Tugboat and his friends, with five amusing... [More...]

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Hendra, Sue
Board Books: 15% 할인! $27.95 $23.76 [28,510₩]
Solid enough to stand right up like children's toy blocks, the books in this series each contain an entertaining little story about the featured vehicle. Inside the plastic headlights are plasic buttons that wiggle when moved and resemble comical eyes.... [More...]

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Old Ironsides
Hoyt, Edwin P.
Paperback: $36.33 [43,600₩]
The USS Constitution was one of the greatest ships in naval history. Commissioned in Boston in October, 1797, she was one of the first of this young nation's battle frigates, soon to distinguish herself in combat against the Barbary pirates in 1803 and... [More...]

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Don't Rock the Boat!
Grindley, Sally
Paperback: 15% 할인! $27.95 $23.76 [28,510₩]
A motley crew of animals are featured in this picture book parents can share with their children to help create independent and thoughtful readers. Full-color illustrations.

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Hercules the Harbor Tug
O'Hearn, Michael
Paperback: $27.95 [33,540₩]
"O'Hearn, a nautical photojournalist and writer, makes his children's book debut with this lively look at the goings-on in a bustling port. Readers accompany two children, Tanika and Noah, aboard the tug Hercules.... With his crisp prose and concise... [More...]

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Sail Away
McNeil, Florence
Hardcover: $27.95 [33,540₩]
With a delightful rhythmic text, the crew of the little captain's ship is preparing to sail, and they all invite readers to learn the lingo from the included glossary and pitch in with the crew. Illustrations.

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Minton Goes Sailing
Fienberg, Anna
Paperback: $27.95 [33,540₩]