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Kids Can Press
Paperback: $4.15 [4,980₩]
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Kids Can Learn with Franklin in this money workbook.

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Money Sense for Kids
Harman, Hollis Page
Paperback: 15% 할인! $14.99 $12.74 [15,290₩]
배송 within 10 business days
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Updated with new illustrations showing new-issue currency, new information, and several new features, this popular title for older boys and girls tells the story of money.How and where is it printed?What do all those long numbers and special letters on... [More...]

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Money, Money, Money: The Meaning of the Art and Symbols on United States Paper Currency
Parker, Nancy Winslow
Hardcover: 15% 할인! $27.95 $23.76 [28,510₩]
In this companion book to The President's Cabinet and How It Grew, Parker explains the numbers, portraits, architecture, and words on the printed bills in the Treasury. She also looks at the presidents whose pictures are on each bill, how paper money is... [More...]

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Time & Money Grade 2-3
Learning Horizons
Paperback: $3.50 [4,200₩]

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Disney Learning Time and Money: Grade 2
Bendon Publishing
Paperback: 15% 할인! $27.95 $23.76 [28,510₩]

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