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Gems & Jewelry Appraising (3rd Edition): Techniques of Professional Practice
Miller, Anna M.
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The premier book of its kind and a comprehensive guide to the standards, procedures and ethics of appraising gems, jewelry and other valuables. Gems and Jewelry Appraising offers all the information that jewelers, gemologists and students of jewelry... [More...]

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Introduction to Lapidary
Kraus, Pansy
Paperback: 15% 할인! $21.95 $18.66 [22,390₩]
Covers the processes, tools and equipment for every branch of lapidary art. Designed to help the reader choose a technique, get started the right way, and determine which tools will-work best.

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Keverne, Roger
Hardcover: 15% 할인! $27.95 $23.76 [28,510₩]
"Jade" combines in a single work the most authoritative contemporary jade research and opinion from the world's leading experts, with over 600 photographs of jades from every continent.

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