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Comptr Kybd Survival Ski
Lee, Kang-Woo
Paperback: $90.93 [109,120₩]
배송 4-8 weeks
Ordered from USA

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Instant Immersion Typing (in Spanish Box)
Topics Entertainment
Compact Disc: $29.99 [35,990₩]
언어 Spanish

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Kaz (Keyboarding A-Z)
Paperback: $14.64 [17,570₩]
Good typing and keyboarding skills are essential in today's workplace. Those who know how to touch type with ten fingers without looking down at the keyboard are usually more focused, more efficient, and more productive. The KAZ Method, developed in the UK... [More...]

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Learning Keyboarding and Word Processing with Microsoft Word 97 with CDROM
Blanc, Iris
Paperback: $36.33 [43,600₩]
This book uses Microsoft Word 97 to teach word processing concepts in a series of simple lessons that avoid high-tech computer lingo. Keyboarding the entire alphabet is taught in the first eight lessons. Other word processing concepts include insert and... [More...]

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Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing: Lessons 1-60
Ober, Scot
Spiral: $126.88 [152,260₩]
The ninth edition of this industry leader provides a highly flexible format on CD-ROM and 3.5" disks that will work with your current computer setup. New content reflecting changing technology and workplace needs is presented in four-color, side-spiral... [More...]

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Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing: A Brief Course
Erickson, Lawrence W.
Spiral: $31.13 [37,360₩]
This concise, 64-page text offers everything required to teach the basics of touch typing. It teaches proper key reaches for the letter keys, top-row keys and symbols. A variety of drills that increase speed and accuracy and improve keying techniques... [More...]

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Keyboarding Made Simple: Learn the Best Techniques for Keyboarding Like a Pro
Zeitz, Leigh E.
Paperback: 15% 할인! $12.95 $11.01 [13,210₩]
Leave hunt-and-peck to the chickens. Effective and efficient keyboarding is more than tapping the correct letter. Designed for individual and classroom use, this book teaches you to react to letters instead of finding them on the keyboard. This breakthrough... [More...]

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Develop Keyboard Skills
Price, Cheryl
Paperback: $36.33 [43,600₩]

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Touch Typing in Ten Hours
Dobson, Ann
Paperback: 15% 할인! $27.95 $23.76 [28,510₩]
Most people use computers today, but how many of us type? With Ann Dobson's method it takes only 10 hours in easy-to-learn lessons that are divided up into manageable one hour blocks. It's easy, it's fun and it will save your frustration and lot's of time.

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How to Build 10-Key Calculator Speed
Shah CPA, Syed Arshad M.
Paperback: $27.95 [33,540₩]