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Collateralized Mortgage Obligations: Structures and Analysis
Fabozzi, Frank J.
Hardcover: $110.00 [132,000₩]
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Financial experts Chuck Ramsey and Frank Ramirez join Frank Fabozzi for the third edition of Collateralized Mortgage Obligations: Structure & Analysis. Because of the complexity and the risk associated with CMOs, portfolio managers need specific keys to... [More...]

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The Reverse Mortgage Advantage: The Tax-Free, House Rich Way to Retire Wealthy!
Boroson, Warren
Paperback: 15% 할인! $25.00 $21.25 [25,500₩]
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Financial Freedom You Can Only Get When You Hit 62!
Whether you're exploring a reverse mortgage to finance a home improvement, pay off a current mortgage, pay for health care expenses, or generate monthly income to improve quality of living, you're one of... [More...]

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Pious Property: Islamic Mortgages in the United States
Maurer, Bill
Hardcover: $45.44 [54,530₩]
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Islamic Mortgages in the United States (Jan., $24.95, ISBN 0-87154-581-0) by Bill Maurer, Profiles the emergence of religiously based financial services for home financing for Muslims, and explores the influence of such practices on American economic life... [More...]

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Housing Microfinance: A Guide to Practice
Daphnis, Franck
Paperback: 15% 할인! $29.95 $25.46 [30,550₩]

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The Millionaire Mortgage Broker: How to Start, Operate, and Manage a Successful Mortgage Company
Seppinni, Darrin J.
Hardcover: $49.94 [59,930₩]
A broker with a quarter century in the business offers this comprehensive guide to starting a business in today's most lucrative and fastest-growing industry. It offers readers knowledge and expertise needed to begin their own brokerage company and... [More...]

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The New Reverse Mortgage Formula: How to Convert Home Equity Into Tax-Free Income
Kelly, Tom
Hardcover: $36.33 [43,600₩]
Many seniors have trouble making ends meet after retirement. Often their homes are their most valuable assets, but they can't access the equity they've accrued unless they sell. < P>If you find yourself in this position, you might face the dilemma of... [More...]

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National Foreclosure Awareness: A Consumer's Guide to the Facts of Foreclosure
Selner-Monday, Tia M.
Paperback: $15.53 [18,640₩]
This empowering handbook is designed to educate distressed homeowners about their options in the foreclosure process by giving valuable insight into what steps to take, who to talk to, and what to say.

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Essentials of Real Estate Finance
Sirota, David
Paperback: $61.98 [74,380₩]

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The Complete Guide to a Higher Credit Score
Letizia, Joe Lance
Paperback: 15% 할인! $27.95 $23.76 [28,510₩]
Annotation: How would you like to buy your dream home and improve your credit at the same time? Now you can! Get the inside scoop on what the experts already know - the top secrets to improving your credit score with the best mortgage and no closing costs.... [More...]

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Florida Mortgage Broker's Guide
Smither, Robert D.
Paperback: $30.74 [36,890₩]
This new title is a comprehensive, up-to-date preparation tool for candidates preparing for the Florida Mortgage Broker Licensing Exam. It includes the latest Florida laws and federal regulations, as well as important mortgage brokerage definitions,... [More...]