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Steiner, Rudolf
Paperback: Very Good Condition $12.00
Building on the achievements of Goethe in his Theory of Colour, Steiner shows how color has an objectively moral affect on the feeling life, and even the health and well-being of the observer. Distinguishing between "image" and "luster" colors, Steiner lays... [More...]

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In the Flesh: The Cultural Politics of Body Modification
Pitts, V.
Paperback: Very Good Condition $15.92
TThe 1990s saw the dramatic rise of spectacular forms of body modification, which included the tattoo renaissance and the rise in body piercing, the emergence of neo-tribal practices like scarification and flesh hanging, and the invention of new, high-tech... [More...]

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Aesthetics: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Art
Sheppard, Anne
Paperback: Very Good Condition $24.92
Why do people read novels, go to the theater, or listen to beautiful music? Do we seek out aesthetic experiences simply because we enjoy them—or is there another, deeper, reason we spend our leisure time viewing or experiencing works of art?... [More...]

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The Arts of China
Sullivan, Michael
Paperback: Very Good Condition $15.17
Sullivan has thoroughly revised this classic history of Chinese art which covers the period from Neolithic times to the 1990s. 224 photos. 164 color illustrations. 14 maps.

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Emigre #68
Princeton Architectural Press
Paperback: Very Good Condition $6.25
One of our goals in publishing a design magazine is to set Emigre apart from the herd. We want to stay off the beaten path, so to speak, and seek out what lies beyond the obvious. We want to push the limits of design publishing even as we work to survive.... [More...]

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